We are always trying to develop our brand to ensure we are always following our creative passion as well as providing YOU with exactly what you want. As part of our planning for the year we have brainstormed so many exciting & new ideas, however before we dive right in, we would love YOUR imput, and what YOU would love to see from CASS DELLER DESIGN in 2017. Although we'd love to do it all, it's probably not realistic for us, so we would love you to help us narrow it down to your few favourite things :)

We appreciate your time so much, that just by answering these few questions you will go into the draw to WIN a spot in a WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP of your choice valued at $180. Simply complete the form below and the winner will be drawn on the 31st March 2017!!
Thanks again, love you guys x

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These would be a beautiful kit which consists of my favourite watercolour materials, including brushes, paper, watercolours and a how-to guide to my watercolour style.
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