Ok, so I’m letting you in on a secret - I am stupidly obsessed with Self-Help books, and have been since my later teenage years. Unfortunately it wasn't as 'trendy' to be into self development books back in the early 2000's, but luckily for me the industry is now booming and everyone is sharing their wisdom.

Being a Mum to a toddler & running a biz, it’s hard to find time to sit down and read books these days. Thanks to Audible, I’m now powering through one book a month, and loving every minute.  There is also something about listening to the authors voice that connects you more to their stories, and really feels like they are right there, talking directly to you. My listening time usually happens on my short car commutes to and from daycare, on the way to meetings, and on my weekly long walks.

Every few months I will pop back here and share with you my honest opinion about the recent books I’m reading, the ones to dive deep into, and the ones not to waste you time on. So let’s dive in shall we…


1. Winging It, by Emma Issacs

Seriously Inspiring! Emma (Owner of Business Chicks) is such an amazing businesswoman and mama, and I absolutely loved listening to every chapter of her new book. Assuming the book is more about business, I was surprised at how much Emma dove into her personal life, how her ‘winging it’ skills applied to mum-life as much as business life. As a self-confessed sufferer of severe mum-guilt, I felt a weight off my shoulders as Emma shares how she juggles family life with work demands, confessing that she doesn’t have her s**t together – no-one does.

I loved hearing about her business life, successes and failures, and how she spoke about Business Chicks and their incredible culture. For a second I considered shutting down my business and applying for a design role at B.Chicks… haha. #jokingnotjoking

Not taking business too seriously was another massive take away for me, and another reminder that we can inject so much more fun into our businesses and relationships. Emma is so kind and generous, and really left me wanting to do more for all the wonderful humans in my life.

Highly recommended if you are a mama with a business! And even if you’re not a mama, it’s still a super inspiring read.


2. Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini

Mel - my beautiful friend, has released another epic book called Open Wide. I had read Mel’s first book, ‘Mastering your Mean Girl” a few years ago, which I loved, and was really excited to get my hands on Open Wide. Again, thanks to Audible, I had Melissa in my ear, reading the book as if she was only talking to me. I really love that about Mel’s audio book, she doesn’t just read the book to you, it’s like she’s actually talking to you, in the most genuine way.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to expect within the pages of this book, although I knew it would be juicy. I knew Melissa would really open up, but I wasn’t sure to the extent, and I was blown away at how real and open she really did get. It’s like she talks about all the things we’re thinking, but not talking about, and to be honest, I didn’t even think to talk about these subjects, with my friends, or even my partner. Mel is like that friend we all want (and some of us are lucky to have) that let’s us be vulnerable an open up about anything and everything, no judgement.

It was Mel’s approach to crystal clear communication that really hit home for me. I was able to take so many of her tips and principles back into my own relationships and I can tell you, they HAVE truly made a difference on so many levels. If you go into this book with an open mind, I guarantee Mel will blow you away with all the possibilities for your life.

Mel and Nick also put a masterclass together on her website, which is designed to follow on from this book. Such a thoughtful element to the whole journey, which gave me a deeper understanding of her message.

Lucky Bitch.jpg

3. Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Oh Denise, I effing love this woman! I feel like I could rock up to her house in my PJ’s, No make-up, BYO sav, and chat and laugh with this woman for hours. Denise is so much fun to listen to, and again, she reads her book as if she’s chatting to you over a coffee (or wine).  The authenticity and real-ness that Denise brings is SO refreshing and a trait I resonate with so well.

Apart from Denise being amazing, her book is incredible too. In Lucky Bitch, she tells her story of the step-by-step actions behind how she manifested a honeymoon competition, and how she has worked on her mindset in order to achieve everything she desires. What I LOVE about Denises’s story is she shares all of her practical tips along the way – of which I pretty much implemented all of them.

As a fellow Mama and business woman, Denise reminds us that we can have it all! We are the only ones getting in the way. I took so many notes from this book, and I can’t wait to read her next book, Get Rich Lucky Bitch!

Story Brand.jpg

4. Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Ok, going to call it - Game Changer!

I almost want to keep this book a secret as I want to implement all the principles myself and not let anyone know about it. Haha. But, that’s just not me, and I truly want you to be able to experience the strategies behind building a successful business with a defined target audience and clear messaging.

This can be a negative or a positive, but you can’t read this book in one continuous go. You need to stop after each chapter and work through questions for your own business. I found this annoying, however I knew that if I didn’t stop and follow the tasks set out, then I wouldn’t of been able to implement anything – still blaming baby brain! It was worth doing in the end.

Let’s just say if you have a business, go and buy this book. I went and bought 3 copies straight away for our team members and it’s now the book that I gift my clients when they book with me.

So it’s safe to say I had a pretty good run with books this past few months. I’ve been so happy with each selection and all the messages and take-aways from each book.

I hope you love these books as much as I did. xo

Cass Deller