MY MORNING ROUTINE (with a newborn)

It's fair to say that life has pretty much done a 180 on me since having little Isla. It's been four years since we had Eddie, so we are a bit out of practice, and having two children to wake up to in the morning is a hell of a lot different to just one... Oh, how easy we had it!

With my hubby and I both being self-employed, there really isn't such a thing as maternity leave or taking time off work. Don't get me wrong, we love it! We created this life for ourselves for the pure purpose of flexibility and freedom, but throw a couple of kiddies in, and yeah, you could say life is a little crazy. 

We are still in the early newborn days with Isla, so establishing a routine is something we're still figuring out as we go. But there are a few non-negotiables that I've weaved into the morning to ensure that no matter how tired I am, or how much my bubba wants to cluster feed, I'm still in a positive, productive mindset for the day. 

These three things are really helping me at the moment, so I wanted to share them and hopefully they can help you too! And because I know everyone’s different, I gathered some tips from other mumma business owners too.


1. Get in family time first thing


Nothing beats family cuddles in the morning (as long as they’re not before 5am!). We usually have Isla in the bed with us in the early hours of the morning, and then Eddie, our 4 year old, sneaks in as the sun is coming up. It's a really special time to connect and chat. Ask how each others sleep was, did we have any dreams, what are we doing for the day… Plus Eddie smothers Isla in big brother cuddles which is just the sweetest. Hubby is usually off to work quite early, so sometimes we miss out on Daddy cuddles, but the mornings he is there make it even more special.

2. Start the day consciously 


I am very conscious about what we consume in the morning, both in terms of phone-time and nutrition. Once we're up and having breaky we really take our time to ease into the day. We don't rush, as I never want the day starting out in a panicked, rushed state. It's best to just ease into the morning so that everyone is calm and happy. I don't sleep with my phone in my room, and rarely check social media until the working day starts. We also start with a nutritious breakie, Avocado on Gluten Free Sourdough is a favourite at the moment! 

Jodie - Dot Com Digital

I found pre-making breakfast options for my eldest, Chloe, saved me many times. She gets hangry, and in those early newborn days when a breastfeed can take 30 mins (or more), it would end with us all upset if she didn’t get food into her quickly enough! So I started making things like chia puddings, Bircher muesli and breakfast muffins which I could pull out once she was awake and she could eat while I fed.

3. Make exercise a priority (most days)


Once we’re all ready for the day (this is finding time for shower, make-up, dressed and breaky) we jump in the car to take Eddie to Pre-Kindy. Once we are home, I make sure Isla is all fed and ready for a sleep, and we head off for a walk. Not everyday, but most days. She’s not loving the pram yet, so it’s all about baby wearing at the moment. No matter how late I get out the door (sometimes not until 10am) I make sure that I do something. I will often listen to podcasts on my walk, however lately I've enjoyed not listening to anything at all, and just taking in my surroundings, which I find helps when you have a cluttered mind. Even just a 30 minute walk before diving into any work sets me up with a patient and positive mind frame for the day, and I feel like I've already achieved something. 

Chelsea - Studio Ampersand

I always get out for a walk before the morning is out. No matter how tired I am or how much work I have to do, going for a decent walk clears the cobwebs and calms the soul. I parent and work more productively as a result 100% of the time!

I know how crazy things can feel when bringing a new little one into the world and getting adjusted to all of the changes that come with it (whether it’s your first or not!), but hopefully just trying these three simple things will help you to feel like your best self and keep doing all the things you love. 

Do you have any tips of your own that helped you? I’d love to hear them!

Cass Deller