Over on Instagram recently, I shared some of my tips on balancing mum-life with running a business and it really seemed to resonate with many of you. It’s definitely not easy juggling it all, while staying present (and sane), but it’s not impossible either!

I know the challenges first-hand, and if you’re reading this, I want to try and help make your life that little bit easier with some more great advice. I’ve rounded up some excellent tips from other mums in business, sharing what they do day to day to find balance.

Whether you’re currently juggling it all, or about to become a new mum, I hope some of these tips help you. And if you have any advice of your own, please share it in the comments to help others.


1.  Get in the right mindset

When things get tough or stressful, try to switch your mindset from “I have to do this” to “I get to do this”. It’s also really important to remember why you started in your business; whether it was a dream you wanted to fulfil, or to escape a 9-5 life that made you unhappy. Remember that “why” and always come back to it in everything you do.

We also tend to get overwhelmed by the negative things that happen in our days, but the changes that happen when you focus more energy on the good things is incredible. It can be hard to make the switch at first, but once you train yourself to think this way, it starts to come naturally.

Focus on the good - and manifest more of it

An abundance mentality is an absolute requirement when balancing business and mum-life! I put a strong focus on what is working, and try to take a proactive approach to running my business, even on those hard weeks!

Kayla Mossuto, Crema Joe

If I find myself worrying about cash flow or clients or anything like that, I simply say “thank you for the abundance and my wonderful clients”. I focus on what I do have, and what I am genuinely grateful for, and very quickly, more of that shows up!

Aveline, Success Wizards

Show gratitude

Showing gratitude to my son is hugely important to ensuring he becomes a great human, and being a mum has made me increasingly mindful of showing my appreciation to the people around me in every aspect of my life.

At work, I've always been a firm believer that staff who feel appreciated are more loyal and hard working than those who don't. So showing gratitude is as good for business as it is for the soul.

Nicole Sidoti, Pop Dot Media

Work with a coach

One of the biggest hurdles in growing and success is what goes on between our ears. I have found working with a coach really helpful. Working with the right one helps overcome impostor syndrome and that nasty fear of success.

Understanding hesitation and procrastination has been a game changer. We make up so many reasons for why we can't do something or why something is not working, when quite often, the problem is our mindset.

Annette Densham, Publicity Genie

Start your day right

Every morning I go for a jog and listen to a gratitude/motivational message that gets my head into gear for the day. if I miss this: I’m not as effective and can very often hit the wall early afternoon and end up a crabby mum and boss.

Aveline, Success Wizards

2. Use templates and automations⠀

This is so essential to spending less time on admin, and more time on the things that really matter and are worth your time. Once you start to embrace these time-saving tricks, it’s addictive - trust me!

Use email templates

Templates should be your best friend. I have email templates on my phone and desktop so I'm not spending precious hours typing repetitive emails daily. If it's a repetitive task there is a way to automate it.  

Jenn Lewis, My Virtual Secretary

Get the right tools

I've used Zapier for years to pull lots of other apps together and create automation in all sorts of areas, for example from a form on my website directly into a Trello card (love Trello) on my task list. All of these tools keep things running when I'm not at my desk and keep me organised so that when I leave for the day I can keep stress to a minimum and devote my full attention to my son.

Nicole Sidoti, Pop Dot Media

Automate as much as possible

It’s really important to have some automation in place to carry out repetitive tasks or processes that I do in my business every day. It saves me time and it saves me having to ‘remember’ to do something.

I have automatic reminders for when I need to organise a birthday gift for one of my clients and I have customer survey emails sent out automatically with me being sent the results so I know what I need to do to improve.

Aveline, Success Wizards

3. Outsource (almost) everything

I really prioritise staying in my zone of genius. This means focusing purely on what I’m great at and outsourcing the rest.⁣ Hate maintaining the books? Get a book-keeper. Drowning in emails? Hire a virtual assistant. Too much client work to handle? Use contractors or hire some staff to help get the job done.

Outsource in the business and at home

I know it can feel hard letting go of things in your business, but trust me, you can still own your whole brand and get support in your team.  The key is just finding the right support! And as a mum in business, you need to get support outside of business too. Oh and definitely get a cleaner and some help around the home.  My cleaner comes twice a week (no joke!) and helps with washing and other jobs when needed. It might sound like a luxury, but I couldn’t possibly run my business without that help (and I’d way rather be working than cleaning!).  I used to spend my time off with the kids doing housework the whole time, and now I can be a lot more present.

Clare Wood, Clare Wood Coach

Stop wearing all the hats

When you're a mum in business and are in a growth phase outsourcing is fundamental to continue that growth. We wear many hats as mum's and there is no shame in giving one to someone else to wear, it's absolutely necessary to keep your sanity and continue being a boss mumma!

Jenn Lewis, My Virtual Secretary

Find people you can trust

I outsource VA tasks and admin tasks to a team and my goal is not for them to be simply a ‘task taker’ but to own an outcome. I have hired them to make my life easier, and therefore I need them to be able to OWN the outcome for something, rather than making the outcome still my responsibility whilst they do some of the manual work!

Aveline, Success Wizards

Remember your time is valuable

Outsourcing tasks has been vital to having free time. There were so many things I was doing that added 10 to 15 hours onto my week. I had a choice - pay someone and it cost me money or keep doing and it cost me time. I know which one I'd rather. I outsource admin tasks like email management and file management.

Annette Densham, Publicity Genie

I've had to learn quickly that I simply can't do it all - and I'm at peace with that. Outsourcing allows me to focus on what's most important, when it comes to my business and my family. I've accepted that my time is more valuable than it has ever been before - I want to be either working on my business and driving social change, or spending quality time with my family.

Kayla Mossuto, Crema Joe

Outsource to your (older) kids

I also hold [my kids] accountable to jobs we all have to do in the house to keep it running smoothly. They make their own breakfast and lunch, my daughter cooks once per week, we clean dishes together listening to some funky tunes and the cleaning of the house is divided each weekend.

Angela Barbagallo, Style Angel

4. Schedule tasks strategically

Now that you’ve outsourced and automated as much as possible, you’ll be left with the tasks you actually need to do. By prioritising what’s most important first, you’ll be able to get through it all with ease, I promise.

Keep your ‘brain inbox’ clear

As a new project, appointment or event enters your ‘brain inbox’, file it immediately by choosing ONE of these four options: Do it, Delegate it, Defer it or Ditch it. Decide if it needs to be done straight away, given to someone else, put off to a later time or dismissed completely.

Jo Burgess, Life Sorted

Know your hours of power

My major [tip] is spreading the working day over your most productive hours and devote time for spending time with the kids. For me, I like to do most of my writing in the evenings after 8pm, when the house is quiet and I'm not pressured to respond to client phone calls and emails, which I schedule during the day.

Roslyn Richardson, Crescendo Communications

Compartmentalise your days

I have one set office day and one work day from home and on those two days I have support: childcare and my Mum.

Belinda Allsop, Verge Finance

Trying to juggle kids and work at the same time is nearly impossible, so get childcare or a family member to care for them while you punch out work, and then you can enjoy your time with your kids.

Clare Wood, Clare Wood Coach

5. Be present

I tune out from all my devices when I’m with my little ones. I’ve really compartmentalised motherhood and business - I’m present at work when I’m working, and I’m present as a mum when I’m not.⁣⠀⁣⠀

Quit multitasking

Removing distractions like email and phones from easy reach at home when you're being Mum and putting in place practices that help you to focus at work like setting realistic daily goals and choosing to do your most valuable activity first [really helps]. We've found that practising presence is a fantastic productivity tool and also so much more fulfilling than the illusion of multitasking.

Belinda Elworthy & Amy Quinnell,

Practice Mindfulness or meditation

Being present can be a challenge when your mind is running a million miles an hour - this has to be a very conscious decision. I practice mindfulness occasionally, during any brief moment of alone time. It's important for keeping focused and grounded, as well as reminding yourself of what is most important.

Kayla Mossuto, Crema Joe

My kids have found meditation also very enjoyable and we regularly do this as a family, for 10 to 15 minutes. It really helps them unwind.

Angela Barbagallo, Style Angel

Are you juggling a business with mum-life too? Let us know your own tips in the comments!

Cass Deller