Hi There

I’m Cass - I am an Illustrator, Lettering Artist and Surface Designer based on the Sunshine Coast.
I absolutely love working with big-hearted brands to create beautiful coastal illustrations, unique prints, and hand lettering for their branding, products and textile designs.

I haven't always been a Creative Artist though. I graduated as an Interior Designer in 2003, then went onto specialise in Retail Interior Design (heavily inspired by parent's successful hospitality background). I worked my way up the corporate ladder within a large Shopping Centre organisation for 6 years, however the spreadhseets and endless meetings continued to wear me down, so I followed my intuition and went on to study Graphic Design which is where I fell in love with my illustration and creativity again....I had found my passion and purpose :)

I'm blessed to share my life with my husband and our little boy, and together, we're wholeheartedly pursuing a life filled with more joy and adventure whilst we run our own passion-led businesses.

I’m obsessed with
Our little guy, my hubby, sleep, sunshine, Noosa, palms, coastal interiors, the bachelor (don’t judge ;) almond milk lattes and super inspiring podcasts.

I could talk to you all day about
Creative, soulful businesses, mind-set & conscious parenting, intuition & the universe (my hubby is rolling his eyes right now), mumpreneur life and striking the balance... tips anyone? ;)

When I’m not working, you’ll find me
At the beach with my little boy, connecting with my girls over wine, sneaking in a date night with hubby, afternoon walks while listening to my fave podcast or practicing pilates.

I love serving the world by
Creating unique artwork, full of energy, positivity, life and love. My mission is to bring more beauty into the world and having an impact on peoples lives through the energy of my designs. I LOVE meeting new clients and hearing their stories... I am an intuitive communicator and designer which allows me to really understand and connect with my clients and bring to their ideas and concepts to life.

I’m inspired by
The laid back Sunny Coast lifestyle, interior mags, travel, furniture & gift stores, summer, swimwear design, Noosa & the ocean.

My style of design
I would describe my work as fun, feminine, whimsical and coastal.

Listen to my podcast with Your Creative Start here.

If you would like to work with myself and our team, we would love to hear from you x